The Many Types of Flammable Storage Cabinets to Keep Your Workplace Safe!  

Many workplaces across Australia have no choice but to use flammable materials. They are commonplace in many industries, and so are flammable cabinets. Flammable cabinets are the best way workplaces can make sure their flammable materials are safely contained. 

If a flammable material is exposed to an ignition source it can cause explosions, injuries and even loss of life. So If you’re serious about keeping your workplace safe, flammable cabinets are the way to go! 

The Types of Flammable Storage Cabinets

Flammable storage cabinets are meant to safely store a lot of different types of materials, and which type of cabinet you need will depend on the nature of your workplace and you will need a dedicated risk assessment to identify the risks and the flammable cabinet solutions you need. 

But in the meantime, here are the common flammable cabinet types on the market:

General Flammable Cabinets: These are the most commonly found type of cabinet. They are yellow and have safety features that include self-closing doors, grounding connectors and vent options. 

Acid and Corrosive Storage Cabinets: Designed for storing acid and corrosive materials, these cabinets are made to resist corrosion. They can come in blue (but the colour can vary) and are made with corrosion-resistant materials and lining. 

Pesticide Storage Cabinets: These can store pesticides safely, are mainly green in colour and have the same features as the general cabinet but are labelled for pesticides.

Drum Storage Cabinets: These are larger cabinets that store drums that contain hazardous materials or flammable liquids. Some designs even have features to make it easier to load and unload the drums. 

Paint and Ink Storage Cabinets: These cabinets are intended to store paints, inks and other such products. They often have similar safety features as general cabinets but can come in red. 

Combustible Storage Cabinets: These cabinets are designed for combustible materials that aren’t necessarily flammable, the difference comes from the flash point, as combustible materials have a higher flash point than flammable materials.

Gas Cylinder Cabinets: These are designed to store gas cylinders and have chained sections to hold the cylinders in place securely.

Other types: beyond the above, there are weather-resistant outdoor flammable storage cabinets, temperature-controlled cabinets and cabinets of different makes and sizes. 

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